Welcome to my blog.

First things first, “What is ‘wrodplay’?”
Until very recent past I was addicted to cryptic crosswords. What a thing to get addicted to, right? Yeah.
If you break down the anatomy of a cryptic crossword clue, more often than not, the clue consists of wordplay and definition of the solution. A play on ‘word’ in crossword-speak is code for “anagram the word ‘word'”. Didn’t get that? Good. If you did get that, you’ll spend precious time solving grid after grid like I did.
So a short answer to the above question is: ‘wrodplay’ is a reference to my love for crosswords and writing in general.

Second question, “What does ‘General Foolosophy’ mean?”
I’m a philosopher. Not a formally educated philosopher. I’m a philosopher of everyday things. I spend a lot of time understanding and analysing why people and things work a certain way. I often feed my philosophical mind with posts from the internet, BBC podcasts and the books I read. I quite enjoy thinking. There’s probably nothing I enjoy doing more. Philosophy of everyday life forms the core of my personality. Foolosophy is well, erm, an interesting word I came across from the title of a song that I really like. Since I’m not a qualified philosopher, I find that the word ‘foolosophy’ aptly describes what I do.

About me:
I’m Sushil Mathew, 22 years young (as of 21st May, 2016), humble in stature, a little furry, brown skinned, ever-smiling and never talking. I spend time breathing, laughing, complaining, pretending to be intelligent, solving puzzles, playing guitar, contemplating, reading, eating, cooking, clicking photographs and scrolling up and down my Facebook newsfeed. I am not appreciative of clichés, I can be overly critical at times and can be very complimentary otherwise. I’m currently muscling my way through a Masters degree in Subsea Engineering at Newcastle University.

I have a lot of dreams and aspirations. These are not dreams I can put a label on, to be honest. I just want to be able to give back something to the world. A lot of people of the world today aren’t as fortunate as you and I are. If I could do a little to contribute to the purpose of the greater wholesomeness of our planet, I’ll be really happy.

So, citizens of the internet, on my blog you will find random musings of an average nice guy. It would mean a lot to me if you could read beyond my below-average composition skills. I don’t write too well, even though I love doing it. I’ll be using my blog as a creative outlet to get a better grip of writing. I think I should get better at it, as time progresses. I post material here, with a hope that it touches you, the reader, or with a hope that the familiarity that I gain with writing will equip me to do things that make me happy.

With that in mind, please don’t forget to read, like, share and leave your opinion in the comments section – not necessarily in the same order.

Peace! 🙂


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