Shut Up When They’re Talking To You: Always Say Less Than Necessary

Bit of an irony that I have to reblog this particular post, but I find the need to, because I’m sharing something that has been occupying my mind for a while. I would’ve written about it sooner or later myself. Most of the time I find myself talking about things I want to do or places I want to visit, songs I want to learn but that’s all, it ends there. We possess some kind of inherent mechanism to satisfy ourselves with killing imaginative ideas by sharing it before it materializes.
Moral of the story: Talk less, do more 🙂

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One of the most controversial things I’ve written in a while wasn’t something I thought would be. I just said: If you’re working on something or planning on doing something, shut up about it. In fact, it’s better to just generally be quiet about your thoughts and ideas than it is to talk about them.

Now, I’m definitely not the first person to say this. My favorite quote on the topic comes from the general William T. Sherman: “Never give reasons for you what think or do until you must. Maybe after a while, a better reason will pop into your head.”

There’s the line from the Godfather: “Never tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking.” Hesiod, the poet, said that a man’s greatest asset was a thrifty tongue. Robert Greene considers it a law of power:Always say less than necessary.

I remember when I was an…

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